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“Solution Project” was started in 2004 by publishing the “Graph” freeware application for Series 60-based phones. It was downloaded more than 100,000 times by now. In 2006 we presented a completely new program, “Solution”, which includes a huge amount of features for applying mathematics (and some instruments to make it easier, of course). Then "Solution Lite" was released - the version of "Solution" which includes only the most-useful utilities for lower price. Another release we made was “Solution Java” for mobile phones with Java-support. In 2007 we developed "Solution For 3rd Edition" - the port of "Solution" to new Series 60-based phones. This application became the best-seller calculator for Symbian smartphones by the end of 2007. We've received a lot of positive reviews and several articles about the program. The last releases are "Solution 2.0" and "Solution Lite 2.0" - the next generation of our products.

We hope that you’d like our products and they’d help you to cope with all your mathematical tasks.

Please send your questions and suggestions to support@math-solution.com


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